777 Charlie Release Date 2022 , Star Cast, Story, When Will be Release?

777 Charlie Release Date 2022:- After winning the hearts of viewers, the Sandalwood action-comedy “777 Charlie” came to Voot for Kannada viewers, but only other languages could see it in a many policy. It is run and written by Kiranraj K, and Rakshit Shetty and GS Gupta are sponsoring it through Paramvah Studios.

Charlie is a nice relationship between a man and a dog. It tells the story of Dharma, who is described by Rakshit Shetty as a loner who works in a company. Dharma likes being alone and going to work and coming home to eat, drink beer, and smoke. This happened often until he touched a female dog named Charlie, who made a big change in his life and changed the way he saw things.

777 Charlie Release Date 2022

777 is a movie made by Rakshit Shetty and GS Gupta. On July 29, 2022, Charlie’s argument will be shown in a theatre and get an OTT reveal. The action-comedy-drama movie is expected to be a big hit. On June 10, 2022, we’ll find out how big a hit it was. Kiranraj K. is in charge of the movie starring Rakshit Shetty and Sangeetha Sringeri. Rakshit Shetty and Sangeetha Sringeri play the main roles in the movie. It is one of the Kannada Film Industry’s most anticipated movies. It will be dubbed into other Indian languages and shown there as well.

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777 Charlie OTT will be shown on July 29, 2022. People these days want to watch their favourite movies on OTT. So, a lot of movies are controlled released on OTT party line or shown after they come out in theatres. OTT policy buys digital rights from the film’s creator so they can stream popular movies on their party line.

777 Charlie Release Date

777 Charlie Details

Name of the film 777 Charlie
Directed by Kiranraj K
Release date 10 June 2022
Time 2h 45m
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Language Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu& Malayalam
Writers Kiranraj K

K.N. Vijay Kumar

Star cast Rakshit Shetty


Sangeetha Sringeri

Category Entertainment
Country Of Origin India

777 Charlie Story Line

The supporter is stuck in a loop because he is sad and alone, and he lays out every day to show that he is alone. When Charlie the puppy comes into his life, it changes the way he thinks about everything. According to the short film, the story was about Dharma’s unbreakable chain with his dog friend Charlie. Their journey starts off badly, but in the end, they get along. The tension in the story seems to come from Dharma and Charlie’s fights together.

Rakshit Shetty says that Charlie is the star of this movie, but a character actor who works with Charlie in a supporting role says that Charlie is the real star. Higher than 5% of the money made, which should go to Charlie the dog, will be given to a company that helps save dogs all over the country. The 5% is equal to between Rs 4 and 5 crore. And a brutal 10%, or Rs 710 crore, will be split between the 200 people who worked on making this movie.

777 Charlie Official Trailer Release

Star Cast

777 Charlie Bobby Simha is an artist from Tamil, and he is also getting his start in Kannada movies. Sangeetha Sringeri is in the movie just as much as the other woman. Raj B. Shetty and Danish Sait are also in the cast, and they will play supporting roles in the film. The movie stars the following well-known people:

Rakshit Shetty as Dharma

Charlie as Dog

Sangeetha Sringeri as Devika

Raj B. Shetty as Dr. Ashwin Kumar

Bobby Simha as Vamsi Nandhan

Hani Yadav as Vishal arora

Danish Sait

Aniruddh Roy

Nikhil Yadav

Lead Role

Rakshit Shetty


Sangeetha Sringeri

777 Charlie – Full Crew

Produced by G.S. Guptha, Rakshit Shetty
Music by Nobin Paul
Cinematography by Arvind Kashyap
Film Editing by Pratheek Shetty
Production Design by Ullas Hydoor
Hindi dialogue Sanjay Upadhyay
Malayalam dialogue Satheesh
Art Direction by Dharani, Gangeputhra

777 Charlie Release Date

The movie 777 Charlie is set to come out on June 10, 2022. In a press conference, the film’s director, Kiranraj, said that the movie will be shown in theatres in a quarter of the year. “Share the cost, scale, and pan-Indian detains, one cannot guarantee that the picture will be streamed on an over-the-top media service,” he said.

About The Movie

Kiranraj K takes over and writes the script. Raj B Shetty and Abhijit Mahesh wrote the dialogue for the movie. Rakshit and GS Gupta made the movie together under the name Paramvah Studios. Rakshit also acted in the movie. Aravind Kashyap is the cinematographer, Pratheek Shetty handles the editing, and Nobin Paul contributes to the music.


  • 777 Charlie spins around the relationship between a man and a dog in the middle.
  • Another 5% of the money made, which has to go to Charlie the dog, will be given to a company that helps save dogs all over the state.
  • Rakshit Shetty agrees with an artist who works with Charlie as a helper and says that Charlie is the star of this movie.

777 Charlie Budget

777 Charlie was shown in movie theatres for the first time on June 10, 2022. It got good reviews from people who saw it, which is a direct result of how much money it made at the box office. carry off 100 crore feat now from the theatrical dash is a big deal for a small film like Charlie. It looks like it cost around Rs 15-20 crores to make, more or less.

How Can I Watch 777 Charlie?

So we can watch this movie online on Amazon Prime Video and in theatres near us.

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