Agni path Scheme Online Form 2022, Age Limit & Agniveer Eligibility, Selection Process

Agni path Scheme: –Getting people to join the Agni veers The Ministry of Defense will soon be in charge of Agni Path. The organisation will carry out this new plan to recruit people. It is called “Agni Path,” and its armed forces are called “Agni Veers.” The union cabinet made the Agni path programmer so that young Indians could serve in the military for four years. To apply online for the Agni path Recruitment 2022, go to,, or

Agni path Scheme

Under this programme, young people might get a lot of good things, but they might also have to deal with some bad things. The Indian government started this programme to save money on the salaries and pensions of the armed forces. The original name of the plan was “Tour of Duty,” but it was changed to “Agni path” in the end. In the near future, a lot of people will be hired by the authority.

Everyone will be able to apply for the Agni Path Yojana as soon as it is posted on the official website of the ministry of defence. The authority will show a link to the Agni Path Scheme, which is how 46,000 Agni Veers will be hired. All applicants should get ready for the hiring process. Once the link is given, you can apply for the job.
The only way to send in an application is online. There is no other way to send in a job application. Before you do that, you should also read the instructions in the recruitment notice.

Agni path Scheme

Agni path Recruitment 2022 Details

Scheme Name Agni path Scheme
Launched By Department of Military Affairs
Year 2022
Beneficiaries Young Citizens of India
Application Procedure Online
Objective Recruiting Young Civilians in the Major Indian Armed Forces
Benefits Recruitment in the Armed Forces
Category Scheme
Official Website

About Agni path Recruitment

The Agni Path Scheme was approved by the Indian government in June 2022, and it will start in September 2022. At 12 o’clock on June 14, 2022, the declaration was made. Men and women between the ages of 17.5 and 21 can apply for the programme. In the middle of protests against the programmer, the Central Government raised the age limit from 21 to 23, but only for hiring in 2022. The Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force will all use this programmer to find new recruits twice a year. The open jobs are below the level of officer cadre. The Agni Path Scheme is the only way to join the military.

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The Agni Veers recruits sign a four-year contract that includes three and a half years of deployment and six months of training. After they leave active duty, they will be able to apply to stay in the military if they want to. Up to 25% of the total number of people in the retiring batch will be chosen for the permanent cadre. Employees who leave their jobs after four years are not eligible for a pension, but they will get a lump sum payment of about 11.71 lakh rupees. With this programme, the Indian government wants to hire between 45,000 and 50,000 new workers each year. In September 2022, 46,000 kids should have jobs thanks to the programme.

Eligibility Criteria

The authority has also set some rules for everyone who wants to apply. No one will be considered for the job unless they meet all of the requirements set out by the authority. Before sending in a job application, candidates should carefully look over the requirements to make sure they meet them. Below is a list of the requirements that the relevant body has set for all interested applicants.

The people who want to run must be Indian citizens. A candidate must be at least 17.5 years old to be able to apply. Applicants must have passed grades 10 or 12 from a recognised board in order to be considered. the candidates’ current physical and medical needs. Those who want to apply for the job must be at least 21 years old. Check this area often to find out more about the requirements. We’ll add it to the article as soon as the authorities tell us.

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Selection Process

  • When choosing candidates, both physical and medical tests, as well as a training programme, will be taken into account.

Medical Standards

  • Agni Veers must meet the IAF’s medical requirements for each of their categories or trades in order to join. No Agni Veer permanent in the Low Medical Category would be able to keep his job after being put on Medical Category.


  • During their time of service, Agni Veers will wear a unique symbol on their uniform to promote and celebrate the vitality of youth.

Agni path Scheme Advantages 2022

Those who plan to apply for the recruitment will be able to take advantage of the recruitment process for the Agni veers Agni path scheme, which will start soon. Since the government hasn’t released any information about the job openings, applicants will find out about the program on the official website.

You will find out about the notice once it is posted, so check the website often. Keep coming back to this website, because we’ll be adding information about the Agni veers Agni path Scheme. Here are some of the benefits of the programmer.

  • Under this program, the young people who serve their country are very different.
  • There is an attractive financial package for all Agni veers.
  • availability of young people with a military mindset who are disciplined and skilled in civilian life.
  • Agni veers have the best chance of getting trained at the best schools.
  • The military should be made up of people who are young and active.

Need To launch The Agni Path Scheme

General Bipin Rawat, who died in 2016, was the Chief of Defense Staff. He came up with a plan to cut the budget in 2020. The main idea behind Short Term Recruitment is based on him. Most of the budget comes from things like the Defense Force Pension and other costs. It all started with the next pandemic, when the whole country was locked down. It makes it impossible for the authority to start the hiring process. Because of this, there aren’t enough soldiers in the Army. Also, the Navy and Air Force need people who can join quickly. The government has now put in place this programmer, which will speed up all of the above processes.

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How To Apply Agni Veers Scheme 2022?

All applicants who are eagerly waiting to hear when the link to apply for the Scheme will be made public. Since the government hasn’t put a link to it on the official website yet, they will have to wait a bit. Many people are willing to take part in the hiring process before they send in a job application. All candidates must read the rules that the authorities have set up. Here is everything you need to know about how to apply for the job if you are qualified.

  1. To apply for the Agni veers Agni path Scheme, you must first go to, which is the website for the Ministry of Defense.
  2. When you go to the official portal, you’ll be taken to the website’s main page, where you’ll need to look for the link to the Agni path coder, which is in the “What’s New” section.
  3. Once you find the link, all you have to do is click it to go to a new page with the application form.
  4. As soon as the application for the job opening is ready, you should start filling it out.
  5. Fill out the form with all of the necessary information, and then upload scanned copies of all of the supporting documents.
  6. After you’ve paid the required fee and looked over the whole application form, upload the required documents.
  7. After reading the application form, click the button to send in your information.
  8. If you follow the steps above, you can send in an application for the Agni veers Agni path initiative.
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