Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code List, AP RTO Codes

Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code: The regional transport offices in Arunachal Pradesh are listed below. Choose one of the cities below to find out everything you need to know about the Regional Transport Offices in that city. There are details like the address, phone number, and email address of the Regional Transport Office. Enter the car number in the search box below to get information about any other registration immediately.

Each state in India has its own Regional Transport Office (RTO), which is in charge of keeping the state’s databases of drivers and vehicles up to date. An RTO is a government agency in India that is in charge of keeping track of databases of drivers and vehicles in different states. Regional transport offices are in charge of things like registering vehicles, collecting road taxes, inspecting vehicles, making sure safety rules are followed, giving out driving licenses, and so on. There are many RTO offices in different parts of India’s states. A RTO is in your neighborhood, which is very convenient.

Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code

The Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code is what you use if you own a car in this state. RTO stands for Regional Transport Office, and this is where we learn that the state has the power to give the car’s owner permission to drive. Everyone who owns a car must register it with the local transportation office. No vehicle owner has to drive a vehicle that hasn’t been registered.

When registering a new car for good, you need to write the Arunachal Pradesh RTO code on Form 20, which you can get at the RTO office. The completed form must be given to the Arunachal Pradesh RTO for inspection. The vehicle is checked by an inspector to make sure it meets the laws and rules for vehicle registration.

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Arunachal Pradesh RTO Details

Post name Arunachal Pradesh RTO Code List pdf
Name of Department Transport Department
year 2022-23
Article Category News
Official Website arunachal.pradesh.RTO.Code

About Arunachal Pradesh

The Regional Transport Office in Arunachal Pradesh was made because of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Its main goal is to make sure that the rules in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 are followed. The transport commissioner is in charge of running the office. RTO Arunachal Pradesh also registers vehicles, gives out driving licenses, helps people who have been hurt in traffic accidents, and keeps an eye on pollution.

List of RTO Office in Arunachal Pradesh

RTO Locations RTO Code
Itanagar AR01
Itanagar AR02
Tawang AR03
Bomdila AR04
Seppa AR05
Ziro AR06
Daporijo AR07
Along AR08
Pasighat AR09
Anini AR10
Lohit AR11
Changlang AR12
Khonsa AR13
Yingkiong AR14
Kurung Kumey AR15
Roing AR16

Code list PDF Download

Code Type Office location  Area
AR 01 DTO Itanagar Papum Pare district
AR 02
AR 03 DTO Tawang Tawang district
AR 04 DTO Bomdila West Kameng district
AR 05 DTO Seppa East Kameng district
AR 06 DTO Ziro Lower Subansiri district
AR 07 DTO Daporijo Upper Subansiri district
AR 08 DTO Along West Siang district
AR 09 DTO Pasighat East Siang district
AR 10 DTO Anini Dibang Valley district
AR 11 DTO Tezu Lohit district
AR 12 DTO Changlang Changlang district
AR 13 DTO Khonsa Tirap district
AR 14 DTO Yingkiong Upper Siang district
AR 15 DTO Koloriang Kurung Kumey district
AR 16 DTO Roing Dibang Valley district
AR 17 DTO Hawai Anjaw district
AR 19 DTO Palin Kra Daadi district
AR 20 DTO Namsai Namsai district
AR 22 DTO Lower Siang Lower Siang district
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Helpline Number

Office of the Commissioner of Transport – Arunachal Pradesh
Address: The Regional Transport Officer (RTO),
Tanager, Arunachal Pradesh – 791111
Phone: 91-360-2245028
Website Transport Department:

Arunachal Pradesh Vehicle Registration Check Online

Below is a table with information about AR RTO Transport Vehicle Registration. In the first column, you can find the serial number. In the second column, the State and RTO series number are written down. AR stands for Arunachal Pradesh State Number. When a car’s licence plate number starts with AR, it means that the car is registered with the AR RTO and is registered in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The RTO offices in AR use the same format for all vehicle numbers. The only things that change are the RTO code and the serial number.

SR.No RTO Location
1 AR-01 &
2 AR-03 Tawang
3 AR-04 Bomdila
4 AR-05 Seppa
5 AR-06 Ziro
6 AR-07 Daporijo
7 AR-08 Along
8 AR-09 Pasighat
9 AR-10 Anini
10 AR-11 Lohit
11 AR-12 Changlang
12 AR-13 Khonsa
13 AR-14 Yingkiong
14 AR-15 Kurung Kumey
15 AR-16 Roing

Documents Required For Vehicle Registration

In Arunachal Pradesh, you can’t drive a car without registering it with the AP RTO first. Here is everything you need to know about how to register your car with the Arunachal Pradesh RTO.

What paperwork is needed to register a car at the RTO in Arunachal Pradesh?

  • Form 20 for registering a vehicle and the PUC certificate
  • Form 22: Certificate that the road is safe.
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Photos the size of a passport
  • Fee for making an application
  • A custom clearance certificate is needed to register a car that was brought in from another country.
  • Vehicle bill of sale
  • Proof of age and proof of address
  • Photos the size of a passport
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After checking the age and address proof documents, the RTO staff will check the cars and use that information to give the vehicle owner their registration number. Using the auction method, you can get nice license plate numbers.

How To Download Arunachal Pradesh RTO Codes Pdf Online?

PDF of the list of all Arunachal Pradesh RTO codes Use the direct download link at the end of this article to get a free download. Arunachal Pradesh State All RTO Code List District Wise is short for Regional Transport Office. A government bureau or organisation in India is in charge of registering cars all over the country. In every state in India, there is a place where drivers’ licences and vehicle registration cards can be gotten. District Wise RTO Code List Arunachal Pradesh State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code can be seen or downloaded in pdf format using the link below, or you can go to the other site for more information. PDF of the list of all Arunachal Pradesh RTO codes

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