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BH Series Vehicle Registration 2022: The Indian government has enacted a new rule governing the movement of people and goods by car. After HSRP, it introduced the Bharat (BH) series number plates for cars that travel across states.. If you are transferring your vehicle from one state to another, these registration markings and number plates will come in handy. The BH Bharat Series plate can be registered to avoid the different registration complications that vehicle owners have to deal with when moving and to ensure a smooth transfer of motor vehicles. From September 15, 2021, the registration process for the BH Series Vehicles has begun. In order to register, you’ll have to use a computer.
Odisha will be the first state to begin the registration procedure for the new BH series, and it will be entirely online, according to the latest information.

BH Series Vehicle Registration 2022

The BH Series, often known as the Bharat Series, of number plates has been made available by the Indian government. The new notice about the registration of Bharat Series (BH) vehicles from 2022 has been released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH). When moving from one state to another, the owner of a private or government vehicle bearing the BH mark will not be required to obtain a new registration mark. The Central Ministry has taken a bold step forward with this effort. Visit to find out the BH Series Registration Number, how to register for it, the application process, and the registration fees.

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bh-series-vehicle-registration BH Series Vehicle Number Plate 2022

Article type BH Series Vehicle Registration 2022
Article category Registration
Name of the rule BH Series Vehicle
Rule launched by The government of India
Beneficiary All the citizens of India
Purpose of the rule To get the vehicle registered
Ministry Ministry of Road Transport and Highway
Launched date 28th August 2021
Registration started from 15th September 2021
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BH Series Vehicle Objective

The primary goal of this new legislation is to make it easier for working residents in India to move to a new state, as many of them are frequently relocated throughout the country. Only the government has enacted this rule, which states that people who are transferring to a new state and have already spent a specified amount of time in the new state are allowed to take their vehicles with them. The next step is to register your vehicle, which is a requirement for all vehicle owners. Otherwise, you’ll be liable for vehicle registration taxes.

Please visit to register your BH Series Vehicle for use on public roads in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh). The process will take some time, but once it’s completed, you won’t have to pay any taxes on your purchases. As the registration process for BH series number plates has already begun, this requirement has been imposed in certain states and must still be followed in many states. 

Bharat (BH) Series Vehicle Eligibility Criteria

There are a limited amount of BH Bharat clients who can benefit from this vehicle number. Customers who want to preserve their BH Bharat Numbers must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen in good standing.
  • The applicant must be a member of the military or a former member of the military.
  • A candidate can be a government employee from either the state or the federal level.
  • If a private MNC is present in four or more states, a candidate linked with the MNC may apply.
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How to get BH Series Vehicle Registration 2022?

Every individual who wants to register a car with the BH series number plate must do so by 15 September 2021. The registration process for the BH series vehicle has already begun.

  • The registration of a BH series licence plate will be done entirely online and at the time of purchase of the car.
  • Fill out the form at and then you’ll be able to submit your application.
  • The buyer’s tax refund will be easier to get with the new BH number plate.
  • BH Series Vehicle Registration Plates are only supplied to customers who have completed the registration process satisfactorily.
  • All citizens who have successfully registered for the BH series number plate will not have to re-register.
  • Buyers of BH series plates will then receive their plates.
  • Once the BH series number plate registration has been completed, people are exempt from state taxes and can migrate to the state with ease.
  • The BH series number plate can be obtained by following the steps outlined above.

BH Series Vehicle registration Important Documents

At the time of registration, the applicant will be required to

  • present his or her official government identification card
  • working certificate
  • and any other necessary documents.

BH Series Vehicle Registration Fee

No registration fee is required for those who wish to apply because the registration process will be free of charge to them. However, they are required to pay the appropriate tax for their particular category. This page will be updated whenever the registration fee is changed.

BH Series Rules for Motor vehicles

Different states charge different taxes at the time of registration. In order to assess the tax, a computer program will crunch the numbers using an online interface, mostly using the amount of money charged (where GST will be excluded).
BH Series vehicles are subject to a wide range of state and local taxes, which are outlined in the table below.

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Invoice Price Tax (% of Invoice Price) Remark
If below Rs 10 lakhs 8% 2% further fee for Diesel automobiles

2% much less fee for electrical automobiles

If below Rs 10-20 lakh 10%
If above Rs 20 lakh 12%

Bharat series Vahan statics

BH new number plate registration stats, application submissions, and revenue may all be found on the portal’s page. For the complete stats of it, go here. A two-year, four-year, six-year, or longer period of time will be charged to vehicles with the BH Series registration marks.

  • Total vehicle registered
    • Till date – 28.77 cr
    • Current year – 71. 37 L
  • Total Application Submitted
    • Till date- 11.78 cr
    • Current Year- 23.34 L
  • Total Revenue Issued
    • Till date – 5, 96, 980 cr
    • Current year – 18, 275 L
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Final Words

If you have any more questions or concerns concerning the BH Series car, feel free to leave a comment or question on this page. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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