Booster Dose Certificate Download Online By Mobile Number, Aadhaar Card

Booster Dose Certificate Download: Vaccination is now the most effective weapon in the fight against the lethal COVID 19 virus. The government has appreciated it when everyone takes the vaccine on schedule. We hope you have also received your first and second doses of immunizations. If everything is fine and you are ready to take the COVID 19 booster dose, you must first download the booster dose certificate from the Cowin App, Arogya Setu App, or Umang App.

Booster Dose Certificate Download

Those who took the booster dose on time will receive a certificate from the relevant board. Today’s topic is Booster Dose Certificate Download by Mobile Number, Aadhar Card, and Name. You can obtain the certificate online using one of the options listed. So you should read this entire post to learn how to download a booster dose certificate online.


Need Of Covid Vaccine Certificate

The covid booster certificate provides proof of a successful vaccination regimen. Many services will require this accreditation in the future. Because the covid represents a threat to all nations, it is critical that citizens complete the vaccine course. To be present at public meetings, you are frequently required to show your immunisation certificate. Similarly, if you are travelling internationally, you must show your immunisation certificate. You will also need your covid immunisation certificate.

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Methods To Download Covid-19 Booster Dose Certificate

The covid booster certificate certifies that the vaccination programme was successful. This accreditation will be required for many services in the future. Because the covid poses a hazard to all nations, citizens must complete the vaccine course. You are frequently needed to show your immunisation certificate in order to attend public meetings. Similarly, if you are travelling internationally, you must produce proof of immunisation. You will also need your proof of immunisation.

How To Download Covid Booster Dose Certificate Online?

  • To begin, go to the Cowin official website,
  • Second, you must scroll down to the bottom of the website. Under ‘vaccination services,’ select the ‘Download Certificate’ option.
  • Third, a new side window will appear. You must now enter your mobile phone number.
  • Following that, click the ‘Get OTP’ option.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number in a few seconds. Enter You can then immediately download your booster certificate.
  • Enter the number and press the ‘Verify and Proceed’ button.

Vaccine Certificate Download By Aadhaar Number Via Digilocker

  1. To begin, navigate to the Digilocker internet portal at
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Seach Dcouments’ search bar and input ‘Covid’.
  3. Meanwhile, the search result should include the option ‘Covid Vaccine Certificate.’ Open it up.
  4. Finally, enter your Addhaar number and 6-digit security pin to sign in.
  5. Then, locate the appropriate option for downloading the booster certificate.
  6. You can now download your certificate with ease.

Covid Booster Vaccine Certificate Via SMS

  • To begin, save the following number in your phone: ’91 9013151515′
  • After that, launch WhatsApp and send a message to the previously saved number.
  • Now, type ‘Covid Certificate’ and press the send button.
  • You will receive an OTP shortly after that.
  • Finally, submit your OTP to obtain your booster certificate.
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Is it important to download the covid vaccine certificate?

Yes, it serves as evidence for the beneficiary. Furthermore, the certificate contains vital information on the vaccination regimen. It also serves as a ticket to numerous services.

Where can I download my booster certificate from?

For the covid-19 immunisation, you can obtain your vaccine certificate from any web portal. You can get more information about this in our article. We have provided detailed instructions for downloading the certificate.

How to get a booster dose?

To get vaccinated, all eligible citizens should go to their nearest government or private vaccination centre. Furthermore, you can book a lot of covid-19 immunisation web portals by registering online.

How to download Covid Booster Dose Certificate from Digilocker?

Sign in to the digilocker portal to download your booster dose certificate. You may get more thorough information in this article.

Booster Dose Certificate Download: Key Links

Official Website Click Here
NVSC Homepage Click Here

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