CBSE CTET Answer Key 2022 Solution Key PDF Download

CBSE CTET Answer Key 2022 – Do you want to get the CBSE CTET Answer key 2022 with the solution key in PDF format? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. We will post the most recent and accurate answer key for the CBSE CTET exam on this page. For your convenience, we also offer the exam’s solution key. So pay attention.

The CTET reply key has been made available by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The preliminary answer key has been posted on the official website by the Board. enabling the applicant to contest it if they believe the response to a query is incorrect. On February 4, 2022, the applicant has until 11 p.m. to oppose the solution. When topic proceed experts have reviewed all of the received problems, the CBSE will release the definitive solution keys. The intermediate panel of tangential Education CBSE has questioned the answer key and question paper for the CBSE CTET 2022 test. The lucky dates for the midway schoolmaster qualifying Test CTET 2022 were between 16 December 2021 and 13 January 2022.

CBSE CTET Answer Key 2022

The first CTET writing paper is for the major degree, while the second CTET writing paper is for the minor degree. On the same day, both writing papers are outline in distinct shifts. Writing paper should be obtained first by candidates who intend to teach Classes 1 through 5, and second by those who wish to teach Classes 6 through 8.
The CTET recognition solutions have been published by the CBSE for each individual meeting each day in recommendations to the acknowledgement solutions. By logging in with your booking information, you can get the answer. In addition, the CBSE has been given permission to compare the applicant acknowledgement sheets to the official reply pointer.

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Authority Central Teacher Eligibility Test
Examination CTET 2022
Examination Conducting Body Central Board of Secondary Education
Examination Date 16 December 2021 to 13 January 2022
Examination Mode Computer Based Test
Answer Key February 2022
Official Website
Article Category Answer Key


The primary quiz papers have been published on the site and are available at one time on the data subway underneath the link Quiz writing paper. The temporary reply pointer can be discussed by applicants with the CBSE for a non-refundable set sum as processing expenses. The TBC reply link will most likely be accessible for two to three days. The CTET response key for 2021 will be released. halfway Board of tangential education on the CTET’s official LINK. Teacher Eligibility Test HALFWAY. On March 9, 2022, the Central Panel of Lower Education will release the CTET final response pointer. You can get the Central Schoolmaster Eligibility Test CTET December 2022 final reply pointer for the first and second paper. This page contains a working direct link to the reply key pdf in Hindi and English.

On March 9, The Result 2022 was made public based on the final reply key. The final acknowledgement pointer contains all appropriate acknowledgments for the CTET exam papers from 2022. Read this post to learn everything there is to know about the official CTET reply pointer, the CBSE CTET reply pointer, and much more.

CBSE CTET Answer Key 2022

Candidates that are interested in the CTET 2021 edition register for the test. To obtain a sense of how they performed in the exam, applicants must keep an eye out for the CTET Answer pointer 2022. Here, along with the question papers, we have given the unofficial answer keys for the CTET First and Second Papers. Download the first and second papers of the January exam’s CTET 2022 pointer and questions in PDF format.

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According to the feedback provided by applicants who took the test, the general effort level of the paper was daily. The applicant rated the difficulty level of the first and second papers as normal to medium. Exam applicants must acquire the minimal pass rate in order to qualify. Each correct response will earn the application one number. The exam does not use negative numbers. Now, let’s look at the CTET January 2022 paper’s response pointer and question paper.

CTET Answer Key 2022 be published?

The CBSE has not yet provided a proof date for the CTET Answer Key 2022, however it appears that this will happen around the second or third week of January 2022.
After reading this post, perhaps you now have a better understanding of how to check and load the CTET reply Key 2022. Even after reading this page, if you still have any questions or concerns about the Central Teacher Eligibility paper 2022’s answer key, please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below. We do our best to respond to any of your questions and inquiries right away.

CTET Cut-Off & Qualifying Marks & Award of CTET Certificate:

The candidates that appear in the newspaper do receive a numbers statement. A numbers statement and an eligibility proof are given to applicants who scored 60% or more on the general test. There are two exams in the study. Paper 1 is for candidates who want to be schoolmasters for grades 1 through 5, and Paper 2 is for candidates who want to be schoolmasters for grades 6 through 8. Each exam consists of 150 numbers. The applicants listed above who received scores of 90 or higher are given serious consideration for admission.

CTET 2022 Question Paper

Drilling with the previous year’s quiz helps the applicants become familiar with the level of the test. CBSE releases the CTET question paper online on the official website, By periodically completing the quiz exam, they can also improve their accuracy & speed. It is crucial for candidates to understand the types of questions that will be asked in the CTET test. Police the pop-up year’s quiz exam will aid candidates in developing an understanding of this.

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How To Download CBSE CTET Answer Key 2022 Online?

Once the CTET Paper 1 solution key is published, candidates can estimate their approximate results. The final outcome may or may not be indistinguishable from these numbers.

  • Visit the official website first, everyone. ctet.nic. To begin, you must compare the answer in the key to the exam’s corresponding number.
  • At that point, the applicant must add a number for each correct question.
  • Since the exam has no negative marking, the applicant.
  • Numbers for the variety of mark feedback need not be discovered.
  • To examine the CTET total, click on the operating procedure below.


You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for the CBSE CTET exam answer key. You can study at your own pace using the exam solution key that is available for download on our website. Our website offers helpful advice and pointers on studying for the test in addition to the answer key. So be sure to visit us and grab the CBSE CTET exam answer key right now.

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