Chhattisgarh RTO Code, List of RTO Offices, RTO Codes List, PDF Download

Chhattisgarh RTO Code – Each RTO office in a state is given a different RTO number, and each RTO has its own RTO number and vehicle registry number. Vehicle identification numbers are different in each state. Car registration requires information like the RTO, the vehicle’s make and model, the owner’s identity, and more. Listed here are the Chhattisgarh RTO office codes and a complete list of Chhattisgarh RTOs. The eight-digit registration number is broken down as follows: the first two digits designate the state, the next two digits the RTO, and the last four digits the individual vehicle. A typical registration number can look like this: CG04-1234, where CG is short for “Chhattisgarh,” 04 is short for “Raipur Regional Transport Office,” and 1234 is the actual registration number.

Chhattisgarh RTO Code

The CG RTO is tasked with implementing the state’s motor vehicle legislation, as per the Chhattisgarh Transport Department, which was set up under section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Among other things, the Chhattisgarh RTO is in charge of maintaining records and providing licences (Regional Transport Office). After registering a vehicle at this location, you will only receive a registration certificate.

More cars are added to the rolls every year. This is the norm across the vast majority of India’s states. When it comes to car registration and compliance with rules, the CG RTO has your back.

Chhattisgarh RTO Code

Chhattisgarh RTO Details

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About RTO

This means it’s easier than ever before to track down a vehicle’s registration state. Assuming we have the vehicle’s VIN, we may use it to locate the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO). There’s a better chance of finding the car’s owner with this information. Continually incorporated Only by using a GPS gadget installed in the car is it feasible to pinpoint its location. This means that the service cannot provide you with a current location update.

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On receipt of the application form and the aforementioned supporting documents, the Registering Authority shall verify the documents and the integrity of the information contained therein. The RTO will also perform an inspection of the car before registering it. After confirming the above details, the regional transport office will issue the owner a registration number and a receipt for the registration fee. The original registration certificate will be mailed to the owner’s address on file, therefore the receipt is only useful until then.

We strive for accuracy in our reporting, and this site is regularly updated to reflect any changes.

List of RTO Office in Chhattisgarh

RTO office RTO Code
Ambikapur MP-27
Ambikapur CG-15
Baikunthpur CG-16
Balod CG-24
Baloda Bazar CG-22
Balrampur CG-30
Bemetara CG-25
Bijapur CG-20
Bilaspur MP-26
Bilaspur CG-10
Dantewada CG-18
Dhamtari CG-05
Durg MP-24
Durg CG-07
Gariaband CG-23
Jagdalpur MP-25
Jagdalpur CG-17
Janjgir CG-11
Jashpur CG-14
Kanker CG-19
Kawardha CG-09
Kondagoan CG-27
Korba CG-12
Mahasamund CG-06
Mungeli CG-28
Narayanpur CG-21
Raigarh CG-13
Raipur MP-23
Raipur CG-04
Rajnandgaon MP-29
Rajnandgaon CG-08
Reserved for Government CG-02
Reserved for Governor CG-01
Reserved for Police CG-03
Sukma CG-26
Surajpur CG-29

Chhattisgarh RTO Code list PDF Download

Code Type area
CG-01 Govt of Chhattisgarh
CG-02 Government of Chhattisgarh
CG-03 Chhattisgarh Police
CG-04 RTO Raipur district
CG-05 DTO Dhamtari district
CG-06 DTO Mahasamund district
CG-07 ARTO Durg district
CG-08 ARTO Rajnandgaon district
CG-09 DTO Kabirdham district
CG-10 RTO Bilaspur district
CG-11 DTO Janjgir–Champa district
CG-12 ARTO Korba district
CG-13 ARTO Raigarh district
CG-14 DTO Jashpur district
CG-15 ARTO Surguja district
CG-16 DTO Koriya district
CG-17 RTO Bastar district
CG-18 DTO Dantewada district
CG-19 DTO Kanker district
CG-20 DTO Bijapur district,
CG-21 DTO Narayanpur district
CG-22 DTO Baloda Bazar district
CG-23 DTO Gariaband district
CG-24 DTO Balod district
CG-25 DTO Bemetara district
CG-26 DTO Sukma district
CG-27 DTO Kondagaon district
CG-28 DTO Mungeli district
CG-29 DTO Surajpur district
CG-30 DTO Balrampur district
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Chhattisgarh RTO Helpline Number

Office Directory
Regional Transport Officer Landline No
Shri Shailabh Sahu Regional Transport Officer, Raipur 0771-2563155
Shri Anubhav Sharma Regional Transport Officer, Durg 0788-2324815
Shri Amit Beck Regional Transport Officer, Bilaspur 07752-402080

Vehicle Registration Check Online Chhattisgarh

RTO Chhattisgarh CG 01 RTO Baikunthpur CG 16
RTO Chhattisgarh CG 02 RTO Jagdalpur CG 17
RTO Chhattisgarh CG 03 RTO Dantewada CG 18
RTO Raipur CG-04 RTO Kanker CG-19
RTO Dhamtari CG-05 RTO Bijapur CG-20
RTO Mahasamund CG-06 RTO Narayanpur CG-21
RTO Durg CG-07 RTO Balodabazar CG-22
RTO Rajnandgaon CG-08 RTO Gariyaband CG-23
RTO Kabirdham CG-09 RTO Balod CG-24
RTO Bilaspur CG-10 RTO Bemetara CG-25
RTO Jangir_Champa CG-11 RTO Sukma CG-26
RTO Korba CG-12 RTO Kondagaon CG-27
RTO Raigarh CG-13 RTO Mungeli CG-28
RTO Jashpur CG-14 RTO Surajpur CG-29
RTO Ambikapur CG-15 RTO Balrampur CG-30

Documents Required For Registration

The Chhattisgarh Transport Department was one of the first to provide passenger-oriented transportation options for locals. A vehicle in Chhattisgarh must be registered with the CGRTO before it can be driven or kept off the road.

Chhattisgarh Road Transport Office registration documents.

  • Application Form 20
  • Sales certificate by way of Form 21 issued by the vehicle dealer
  • Form 22 road worthiness certificate issued by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Copy of vehicle insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Invoice of the vehicle
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Road and application fee as applicable
  • Passport size photographs
  • Form 34 signed by the owner and financer of the vehicle
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After the inspection and verification of the above documents, the owner of the vehicle will be issued a registration number. A vehicle with a CG RTO registration can be driven in any part of India. The issued certificate of registration has a 15-year expiration date for cars that are not used for transportation.

The CG RTO now offers online car registration at

How to Download Chhattisgarh RTO Codes Pdf Online?

Downloadable Document of Complete Chhattisgarh RTO Code List To obtain this for nothing, please use the download link that may be found at the end of this piece. What Does Chhattisgarh State All RTO Code List District Wise Mean? RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. It is the responsibility of a single government agency in India to register vehicles across the country. The documents required to operate a motor vehicle throughout India can be obtained from any of the state offices. You can view or download a pdf version of the District Wise RTO Code List Chhattisgarh State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code by clicking the button below, or you can visit the alternative site for more details. Codes for all RTOs in Chhattisgarh, available as a downloadable PDF

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