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Goa RTO Code – In the state of Goa, people who want to drive must have a valid driver’s licence. All of the steps for getting a permanent driver’s licence must be taken care of by the Regional Transport Office in their area. The Regional Transport Office is in charge of all services related to driving. In Goa, the regional transport offices (RTOs) give out both the learner’s permit and the permanent driver’s licence. If a candidate’s driving permit expires, the RTOs also handle the process of renewing it.

Also, if the driver licence holder loses their document, they must go to the RTO in their area to get a copy. Regional Transport Offices in Goa also handle things like vehicle registration, issuing fitness certificates for vehicles, issuing road taxes for vehicles, re-registering a vehicle if the owner has moved to the state of Goa, transferring ownership of a vehicle, and other services related to driving.

Goa RTO Code

Depending on where the applicant lives, he or she should go to the RTO in his or her area to apply for a learner’s permit, a permanent driving permit, a licence renewal, or a copy of a driving permit. The same is true if the owner of the vehicle needs to register it, get a fitness certificate, pay road taxes, renew registration, or get a No Objection Certificate. All of these must be done at the RTO that has jurisdiction over the driver, not at another RTO.

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Each state in India has its own Regional Transport Office (RTO), which is in charge of keeping the state’s databases of drivers and vehicles up to date. An RTO is a government agency in India that is in charge of keeping track of databases of drivers and vehicles in different states.

Regional transportation offices are in charge of things like registering vehicles, collecting road taxes, inspecting vehicles, making sure safety rules are followed, giving out driver’s licences, and so on. There are many RTO offices in different parts of India’s states. A RTO is in your neighbourhood, which is very convenient.

Goa RTO Code

Goa RTO Details

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About Goa RTO

The Motor Vehicles Department’s Regional Transport Offices are in every state and city in India. According to section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, “The State Government may, for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the Act, establish a Motor Vehicles Department and appoint such persons as it thinks fit as its officers.”

dThis is how the department, which is led by the Transport Commissioner, came to be. An RTO’s main jobs are to keep a complete list of all the vehicles registered in a city, state, or union territory, as well as to supervise and enforce the many laws and rules in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

List of RTO Office in Goa

RTO office RTO Code
Bicholim GA-04
Canacona GA-10
Dharbandora GA-12
Mapusa GA-03
Margao GA-08
Margao GA-02
Panaji GA-07
Panaji GA-01
Pernem GA-11
Ponda GA-05
Quepem GA-09
Vasco da Gama GA-06
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Goa RTO Code list PDF Download

Panaji (North Goa district) GA 01 Panaji GA 07
Margao (South Goa district) GA 02 Margao GA 08
Mapusa GA 03 Quepem GA 09
Bicholim GA 04 Canacona GA 10
Ponda GA 05 Pernem GA 11
Vasco GA 06 Pernem GA 12

Helpline Number

Sr. No. Office Phone No.
1 Director of Transport 2225724
2 Addl. Director of Transport (North) 2225636
3 Addl. Director of Transport (South) 2730019
4 Dy. Director (Administration) 2225606

Vehicle Registration Check Online Goa

RTO Location RTO Code
Panaji (North Goa district) GA-01
Margo (South Goa district) GA-02
Mapusa GA-03
Bichelama GA-04
Ponda GA-05
Vasco GA-06
Panaji GA-07
Margao GA-08
Quepem GA-09
Canacona GA-10
Pernem GA-11
Pernem GA-12

Documents Required For Vehicle Registration

You can drive a car in Goa without first registering it at the Goa RTO. So, here is everything you need to know about how to register your car with the Goa RTO. Online?

What paperwork is needed to register a car at the Goa RTO?

Vehicle registration application Form 20 certificate of PUC

Form 22: Certificate that the road is safe.

Vehicle insurance certificate

Photos the size of a passport

Fee for making an application

For registering a car that was brought in from another country, a customs clearance certificate is needed.

Proof of age and proof of address

Photos the size of a passport

Once the age and address proof documents have been checked, the RTO will check the vehicles and use the information to give the owner a registration number. One way to get a fancy registration number is to bid on one.

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How To Download Goa RTO Codes Pdf Online?

The Goa All RTO Code List as a PDF Use the direct download link at the end of this article to get a free download. Goa State All RTO Code List District Wise is short for Regional Transport Office. A government bureau or organisation in India is in charge of registering cars all over the country. In every state in India, there is a place where drivers’ licences and vehicle registration cards can be gotten.

District-wise RTO Code List of Goa State with Office Address, Helpline Phone Number, and Pin Code can be seen or downloaded in pdf format using the link below, or you can go to the other site for more information. The Goa All RTO Code List as a PDF

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