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Himachal Pradesh RTO Code –The Himachal Pradesh Transport Department is governed by section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. This department of transportation in Himachal Pradesh is responsible for enforcing the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, the Himachal Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1972, and all regulations created as a result.
To increase the welfare of road transportation and safety, the Himachal Pradesh Transport Department offers a number of services, including

Himachal Pradesh RTO Code

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state in northern India. Because it is situated in the Himalayas, there are numerous stunning mountains around. The state is home to breathtaking landscapes, serene lakes, towering mountains, and a lively culture. The RTO in Himachal Pradesh is extremely concerned about the transportation scenario in HP.
The Himachal Pradesh Regional Transport Office oversees the state’s transportation system. The 1988 Motor Vehicle Act’s Section 213 governs how it functions. Nearly 1.6 million cars were registered in Himachal Pradesh in 2019.

himachal-pradesh-rto-codeAdditionally, it is now possible to locate the location of the office for vehicle registration. Knowing the car registration number allows us to locate the RTO (Regional Transport Office). This will aid in finding the owner of the car to some extent. Further Realtime Vehicle placement is only made possible with a GPS device placed in the vehicle. This service won’t provide you with a real-time location as a result.

Himachal Pradesh RTO Detail

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About Himachal Pradesh RTO

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 mandates that every vehicle be insured. The state’s high mountain routes and curved peak passes contribute to automobile mishaps and accidents. Therefore, both two-wheelers and four-wheelers must have insurance. You can compare these plans at the Himachal Pradesh RTO Online or on an independent website. A number of independent insurance providers in Himachal Pradesh offer suitable insurance coverage.
It is typically recommended to compare the plans and rates given by numerous companies before choosing the best one.

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List of RTO Office in Himachal Pradesh

Code Type Office
HP 01 &  HP 02 Statewide (tourist buses & taxis)
HP 03 RLA Shimla (Urban)
HP 04 RTO Kangra at Dharamsala
HP 05 RTO Mandi
HP 06 RLA Rampur Bushahr
HP 07 RLA Shimla (Urban)
HP 08 RLA Chaupal
HP 09 RLA Theog
HP 10 RLA Rohru
HP 11 RLA Arki
HP 12 RLA Nalagarh
HP 13 RLA Kandaghat
HP 14 RLA Solan
HP 15 RLA Parwanoo
HP 16 RLA Rajgarh
HP 16AA RLA Pachhad, Sirmaur
HP 17 RLA Paonta Sahib
HP 18 RLA Nahan
HP 19 RLA Amb
HP 19AA RLA Gagret, Una
HP 20 RLA Una
HP 21 RLA Barsar, Hamirpur
HP 22 RLA Hamirpur
HP 23 RLA Ghumarwin
HP 24 RLA Bilaspur
HP 25 RLA Kalpa
HP 26 RLA Nichar at Bhaba Nagar
HP 27 RLA Pooh
HP 28 RLA Sarkaghat
HP 29 RLA Jogindernagar
HP 30 RLA Karsog
HP 31 RLA Sundernagar
HP 32 RLA Gohar, Mandi
HP 33 RLA Mandi
HP 34 RLA Kullu
HP 35 RLA Anni, Kullu
HP 36 RLA Dehra
HP 37 RLA Palampur
HP 38 RLA Nurpur
HP 39 RLA Dharamshala
HP 40 RTO Kangra
HP 41 RLA Kaza
HP 42 RLA Keylong
HP 43 RLA Udaipur, Lahaul and Spiti
HP 44 RLA Churah, Chamba
HP 45 RLA Pangi
HP 46 RLA Bharmour
HP 47 RLA Dalhousie
HP 48 RLA Chamba
HP 49 RLA Banjar
HP 50 RTO Shimla (auto rikshaws)
HP 51 & HP 52 RLA Shimla (Rural)
HP 53 RLA Baijnath
HP 54 RLA Jawali
HP 55 RLA Nadaun
HP 56 RLA Jaisinghpur
HP 57 RLA Chowari
HP 58 RLA Manali
HP 59 RTO Solan (auto rikshaws)
HP 60 RTO Hamirpur
HP 61 RTO Kullu
HP 62 STA Shimla
HP 63 RTO Shimla
HP 64 RTO Solan
HP 65 RTO Mandi
HP 66 RTO Kullu
HP 67 RTO Hamirpur
HP 68 RTO Kangra at Dharmsala
HP 69 & HP 70 RTO Bilaspur
HP 71 RTO Nahan
HP 72 RTO Una
HP 73 RTO Chamba
HP 74 RLA Bhoranj, Hamirpur
HP 75 (for license code only) RTO Flying HQ Shimla
HP 76 RLA Paddhar, Mandi
HP 77 RLA Dodra Kawar, Shimla
HP 78 RLA Bangana, Una
HP 79 RLA Sangrah, Sirmaur
HP 80 RLA Haroli, Una
HP 81 RLA Salooni
HP 82 RLA Balh, Mandi
HP 83 RLA Jawalaji, Kangra
HP 84 RLA Sujanpur Tihra, Hamirpur
HP 85 RLA Shillai, Sirmaur
HP 86 RLA Dharampur, Mandi
HP 87 RLA Janjehli, Mandi
HP 88 RLA Fatehpur, Kangra
HP 89 RLA Jhandutta, Bilaspur
HP 90 RLA Shahpur, Kangra
HP 91 RLA Naina Devi at Swarghat, Bilaspur
HP 92 RTO Rampur Bushahr
HP 93 RTO Nalagarh
HP 94 RLA Nagrota Bagwan
HP 95 RLA Kumarsain
HP 96 RLA Dheera, Kangra
HP 97 RLA Indora
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Himachal Pradesh RTO Code list PDF Download

HP-01 & HP-02 Shimla Urban (tourist buses & taxis)
HP-03 Shimla Urban
HP-04 Dharamsala (autorikshaws)
HP-05 Mandi (autorikshaws)
HP-06 Rampur Bushar
HP-07 Shimla
HP-08 Chaupal
HP-09 Theog
HP-10 Rohru
HP-11 Arki
HP-12 Nalagarh
HP-13 Kandaghat
HP-14 Solan
HP-15 Parwanoo
HP-16 Rajgarh
HP-17 Paonta Sahib
HP-18 Nahan
HP-19 Amb
HP-20 Una
HP-21 Barsar
HP-22 Hamirpur
HP-23 Ghumarwin
HP-24 Bilaspur
HP-25 Kalpa
HP-26 Nichar (Bhaba Nagar)
HP-27 Pooh
HP-28 Sarkaghat
HP-29 Jogindernagar
HP-30 Karsog
HP-31 Sundernagar
HP-32 Mandi
HP-33 Mandi
HP-34 Kullu
HP-35 Anni
HP-36 Dehra
HP-37 Palampur
HP-38 Nurpur
HP-39 Dharamshala
HP-40 Kangra
HP-41 Kaza
HP-42 Keylong
HP-43 Udaipur
HP-44 Churah
HP-45 Pangi
HP-46 Bharmour
HP-47 Dalhousie
HP-48 Chamba
HP-49 Banjar
HP-50 Shimla (autorikshaws)
HP-51 & HP-52 Shimla (rural)
HP-53 Baijnath
HP-54 Jawali
HP-55 Nadaun, Hamirpur
HP-56 Jaisinghpur
HP-57 Chowari
HP-58 Manali
HP-62 DodraKwar
HP-63 Shimla
HP-64 Solan
HP-65 Mandi
HP-66 Kullu
HP-67 Hamirpur
HP-68 Kangra
HP-69 Bilaspur
HP-71 Nahan
HP-72 Una
HP-73 Chamba
HP-74 Bhoranj
HP-76 Paddhar


Himachal Pradesh RTO Helpline Number

  • Address: Paravian Bhawan,
  • Office of the Transport Commissioner,
  • Directorate of Transport, Shimla-171004 Telephone: 01772803136

Vehicle Registration Check Online Himachal Pradesh

RTO Office RTO Code
Barsar HP21
Bilaspur HP23
Bilaspur(HP) HP69
Chamba HP44
Chamba HP45
Bilaspur(HP) HP24
Chamba HP57
Chamba HP46
Bilaspur(HP) HP89
Bilaspur(HP) HP70
Dalhousie HP47
Dharamshala HP04
Dharamshala HP39
Hamirpur(hp) HP22
Hamirpur(hp) HP55
Hamirpur(hp) HP67
Hamirpur(hp) HP84
Hamirpur(hp) HP74
Hamirpur(hp) HP60
Kangra HP54
Kangra HP53
Kangra HP56
Kangra HP68
Kangra HP83
Kangra HP88
Kangra HP90
Kangra HP96
Kangra HP97
Kangra HP40
Kinnaur HP26
Kinnaur HP25
Kinnaur HP27
Kullu HP34
Kullu HP35
Kullu HP49
Kullu HP61
Kullu HP66
Lahaul And Spiti HP41
Lahaul And Spiti HP43
Lahaul And Spiti HP42
Mandi HP33
Mandi HP28
Manali HP58
Mandi HP05
Mandi HP30
Mandi HP65
Mandi HP29
Mandi HP32
Mandi HP76
Mandi HP87
Mandi (Rural) HP82
Nahan HP18
Nahan HP71
Nalagarh HP12
Palampur HP37
Rampur Bushahr HP06
Rajgarh HP16
Rohru HP10
Shimla HP09
Shimla HP50
Shimla HP02
Shimla HP52
Shimla HP51
Shimla HP07
Shimla HP08
Shimla HP62
Shimla HP63
Shimla HP77
Shimla HP03
Shimla HP91
Shimla HP92
Shimla HP01
Shimla HP95
Sirmaur HP85
Sirmaur HP79
Solan HP13
Solan HP15
Solan HP11
Solan HP64
Solan HP93
Solan HP59
Solan HP14
Solan HP94
Solan HP86
Surendranagar HP31
Una HP20
Una HP78
Una HP80
Una HP72
amb HP19
chamba HP48
chamba HP81
dehra gopipur HP36
chamba HP73
nurpur HP38
paonta sahib HP17
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Documents required for vehicle registration in Himachal Pradesh RTO

  • Documents required for registration of motor vehicle at Himachal Pradesh RTO
  • Vehicle registration application Form 20
  • PUC certificate
  • Road worthiness certificate Form 22
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Applicable application fee
  • For registration of an imported vehicle, custom clearance certificate is required to be submitted
  • Vehicle invoice
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Passport size photographs

The RTO personnel will inspect the vehicles and utilise that information to issue the vehicle owner’s registration number after the age and address proof documents have been verified. You can obtain beautiful registration numbers via the auction approach.

How to Download Himachal Pradesh RTO Codes pdf?

Himachal Pradesh All RTO Code List in PDF To download for free, use the direct download link offered at the end of this article. Himachal Pradesh State All RTO Code List District Wise is referred to as Regional Transport Office. An Indian government body or institution is in charge of handling car registration all across the country. There is a place that issues driving licences and vehicle registration cards in each state in India. Using the exact link provided below, you can view or download District Wise RTO Code List Himachal Pradesh State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code in pdf format, or you may go to the website.

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