Madhya Pradesh RTO Code List MP RTO Codes 2022

Madhya Pradesh RTO Code – Madhya Pradesh is home to a wealth of historical landmarks from all points in India’s past. The intricate carvings in the state of Madhya Pradesh are a major draw for visitors. Taking a drive through Madhya Pradesh is a relaxing experience. However, in Madhya Pradesh, you must have your vehicle registered with the local RTO office. In the following sections, we will learn more about the RTO in Madhya Pradesh and the roles it plays.

The Madhya Pradesh Transport department deals with all transportation-related inquiries and concerns. Like in every other state, the RTO in Madhya Pradesh is responsible for ensuring that Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 is followed (MP). It also ensures the enforcement of laws and the collection of taxes in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1924 (as amended in 1993).

Madhya Pradesh RTO Code

Madhya Pradesh’s RTO is responsible for a substantial portion of the state’s driver and vehicle database. The RTO is in charge of both the MP Vehicle Insurance inspection and the vehicle pollution testing. It also collects road taxes, issues registration certificates, and issues drivers’ licences for the entire state of Madhya Pradesh. To apply for a Registration Certificate and Smart Driving License Card, visit the official website at

Vehicle Registration, Insurance, RTO Codes, and MP RTO Locations are all discussed in detail here. Anyone in the market for a new car in Madhya Pradesh should read this article.

Madhya Pradesh RTO Code

Madhya Pradesh RTO Detail

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About Madhya Pradesh RTO

In the same way that every other state has its own RTO Department, Madhya Pradesh does as well. The MP RTO’s mandate is the same as that of any other RTO in the country, as it was founded in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Existing data suggests that the MP RTO processes thousands of car registrations annually and earns a considerable sum of money as a result.

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We have included all of the details you need about the MP RTO below, so there is no need for you to physically visit them. The information shown here is useful and may be passed on to family members if the need arises.

List of RTO Office in Madhya Pradesh

MP-01 RTO Code Madhya Pradesh
MP-02 RTO Code Madhya Pradesh
MP-03 RTO Code Madhya Pradesh
MP-04 RTO Code Bhopal
MP-05 RTO Code Hoshangabad
MP-06 RTO Code Morena
MP-07 RTO Code Gwalior
MP-08 RTO Code Guna
MP-09 RTO Code Indore
MP-10 RTO Code Khargone
MP-11 RTO Code Dhar
MP-12 RTO Code Khandwa
MP-13 RTO Code Ujjain
MP-14 RTO Code Mandsaur
MP-15 RTO Code Sagar
MP-16 RTO Code Chhatarpur
MP-17 RTO Code Rewa
MP-18 RTO Code Shahdol
MP-19 RTO Code Satna
MP-20 RTO Code Jabalpur
MP-21 RTO Code Katni
MP-22 RTO Code Seoni
MP-23 RTO Code Raipur
MP-24 RTO Code Durg
MP-25 RTO Code Jagdalpur
MP-26 RTO Code Bilaspur
MP-27 RTO Code Ambikapur
MP-28 RTO Code Chhindwara
MP-29 RTO Code Rajnandgaon
MP-30 RTO Code Bhind
MP-31 RTO Code Sheopur
MP-32 RTO Code Datia
MP-33 RTO Code Shivpuri
MP-34 RTO Code Damoh
MP-35 RTO Code Panna
MP-36 RTO Code Tikamgarh
MP-37 RTO Code Sehore
MP-38 RTO Code Raisen
MP-39 RTO Code Rajgarh
MP-40 RTO Code Vidisha
MP-41 RTO Code Dewas
MP-42 RTO Code Shajapur
MP-43 RTO Code Ratlam
MP-44 RTO Code Neemuch
MP-45 RTO Code Jhabua
MP-46 RTO Code Barwani
MP-47 RTO Code Harda
MP-48 RTO Code Betul
MP-49 RTO Code Narsinghpur
MP-50 RTO Code Balaghat
MP-51 RTO Code Mandla
MP-52 RTO Code Dindori
MP-53 RTO Code Sidhi
MP-54 RTO Code Umaria
MP-65 RTO Code Anuppur
MP-66 RTO Code Singrauli
MP-67 RTO Code Ashoknagar
MP-68 RTO Code Burhanpur
MP-69 RTO Code Alirajpur
MP-70 RTO Code Agar
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Madhya Pradesh RTO Code list PDF Download

MP-01 State Governor’s Vehicle
MP-02 M.P. Government Vehicle
MP-03 M.P. Police Vehicle
MP-04 Bhopal
MP-05 Hoshangabad
MP-06 Morena
MP-07 Gwalior
MP-08 Guna
MP-09 Indore
MP-10 Khargone
MP-11 Dhar
MP-12 Khandwa
MP-13 Ujjain
MP-14 Mandsaur
MP-15 Sagar
MP-16 Chhatarpur
MP-17 Rewa
MP-18 Shahdol
MP-19 Satna
MP-20 Jabalpur
MP-21 Katni
MP-22 Seoni
MP-23 Raipur (not in use)
MP-24 Durg (not in use)
MP-25 Jagdalpur (not in use)
MP-26 Bilaspur (not in use)
MP-27 Ambikapur (not in use)
MP-28 Chhindwara
MP-29 Rajnandgaon (not in use)
MP-30 Bhind
MP-31 Sheopur
MP-32 Datia
MP-33 Shivpuri
MP-34 Damoh
MP-35 Panna
MP-36 Tikamgarh
MP-37 Sehore
MP-38 Raisen
MP-39 Rajgarh
MP-40 Vidisha
MP-41 Dewas
MP-42 Shajapur
MP-43 Ratlam
MP-44 Neemuch
MP-45 Jhabua
MP-46 Badwani
MP-47 Harda
MP-48 Betul
MP-49 Narsinghpur
MP-50 Balaghat
MP-51 Mandla
MP-52 Dindori
MP-53 Sidhi
MP-54 Umariya
MP-55 not in use
MP-56 not in use
MP-57 (not alloted)
MP-58 not in use
MP-59 (not alloted)
MP-60 (not alloted)
MP-61 (not alloted)
MP-62 (not alloted)
MP-63 (not alloted)
MP-64 (not alloted)
MP-65 Anoopur
MP-66 Singrauli
MP-67 Ashoknagar
MP-68 Burhanpur
MP-69 Alirajpur (upcoming)


Madhya Pradesh RTO Helpline Number

All questions related to MP transportation can be directed to the department’s dedicated call centre. You can reach the customer service staff at [email protected] or via telephone at 0751-2621926. If you want to send a text message, enter 53030 in the receiver’s number. In order to schedule a driving test, e-Shewa users can do it online.

Vehicle Registration Check Online Madhya Pradesh

RTO Locations RTO Code RTO Locations RTO Code
Madhya Pradesh MP01 Sheopur MP31
Madhya Pradesh MP02 Datia MP32
Madhya Pradesh MP03 Shivpuri MP33
Bhopal MP04 Damoh MP34
Hoshangabad MP05 Panna MP35
Morena MP06 Tikamgarh MP36
Gwalior MP07 Sehore MP37
Guna MP08 Raisen MP38
Indore MP09 Rajgarh MP39
Khargone MP10 Vidisha MP40
Dhar MP11 Dewas MP41
Khandwa MP12 Shajapur MP42
Ujjain MP13 Ratlam MP43
Mandsaur MP14 Neemuch MP44
Sagar MP15 Jhabua MP45
Chhatarpur MP16 Barwani MP46
Rewa MP17 Harda MP47
Shahdol MP18 Betul MP48
Satna MP19 Narsinghpur MP49
Jabalpur MP20 Balaghat MP50
Katni MP21 Mandla MP51
Seoni MP22 Dindori MP52
Raipur MP23 Sidhi MP53
Durg MP24 Umaria MP54
Jagdalpur MP25 Anuppur MP65
Bilaspur MP26 Singrauli MP66
Ambikapur MP27 Ashoknagar MP67
Chhindwara MP28 Burhanpur MP68
Rajnandgaon MP29 Alirajpur MP69
Bhind MP30 Agar MP70
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Documents required for vehicle registration in Madhya Pradesh RTO

Documents required for registration of motor vehicle at Madhya Pradesh RTO

  • Vehicle registration application Form 20
  • PUC certificate
  • Road worthiness certificate Form 22
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Applicable application fee
  • For registration of an imported vehicle, custom clearance certificate is required to be submitted
  • Vehicle invoice
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Passport size photographs

Officials at the RTO will verify the vehicles after the owner’s identity and residency have been confirmed, and then they will issue the owner a registration number. Fancy licence plates can be obtained through an auction system.

How to Download Madhya Pradesh RTO Code pdf?

A Complete List of RTO Codes in Madhya Pradesh (As a PDF) If you want to download this article’s resources at no cost, just click the download link below. Madhya Pradesh State All RTO Code List District Wise is an abbreviation for Regional Transport Office. A government agency in India is responsible for registering vehicles across the country. Each of India’s states has its own office specifically dedicated to issuing drivers licences and registration cards. You may see or download a pdf version of the District Wise RTO Code List Madhya Pradesh State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code by clicking the link below, or you can go to the alternative site for more details. Printable List of All RTO Codes in Madhya Pradesh.

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