Meghalaya RTO Code List ML RTO Code Details

Meghalaya RTO Code: Each state has its own RTO number, and each RTO office has a different one for the vehicle’s registration number. Each state has its own registration number for cars. Register a car’s number by giving information like the location of the RTO, the car’s specifications, the owner’s name, etc. Below is a list of all the RTO offices and RTOs in Meghalaya, as well as a list of all the RTOs in Meghalaya. The register number is an eight-digit code. The first two digits identify the state, the next two digits identify the RTO, and the last four digits identify the vehicle. One example is ML05-1234, where ML stands for Meghalaya, 05 for Shilling’s RTO, and 1234 for the vehicle’s registration number.

Meghalaya RTO Code

ML RTO Code is what people call the codes for all of the regional transport offices that have worked in Meghalaya in the past. All of the ML RTO codes for Meghalaya’s districts are written here. In the whole state of Meghalaya, there are 11 RTOs. These RTO do their jobs in a way that meets the needs of the general public and the vehicle population in the area.
As was already said, the above possible information about the ML RTO code will help you deal with any transportation problem.

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Don’t worry about your transportation problems anymore, because we have all the answers you need right here. If you have any questions about transportation, you can just go to your local transportation office and ask for permission.

Meghalaya RTO Code

Meghalaya RTO Details

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About Meghalaya RTO

Meghalaya RTO was set up based on the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989 and the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. This agency is also in charge of enforcing the Meghalaya Motor Vehicles Taxation Act (Assam Act IX of 1936 as changed by Meghalaya) and the Meghalaya Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules (Assam Rules of 1936 as the adapter and as amended by Meghalaya).

The Transport Department’s main job is to manage, regulate, and control motor vehicles. It does this by registering vehicles, giving out driving licences and conductor licences, promoting and growing road transport services in the State, and collecting taxes on motor vehicles, among other things. Another important job of the Department is to offer Pool Cars to V.I.P.s, Ministers, State Guests, and Dignitaries. The Transport Commissioner is in charge of the transportation department in Meghalaya.

List of RTO Offices in Meghalaya

Code Office
ML-01 ML government vehicles
ML-02 ML police vehicles
ML-03 Vehicles
ML-04 Jaintia Hills
ML-05 Shillong
ML-06 West Khasi Hills
ML-07 East Garo Hills
ML-08 West Garo Hills(Tura)
ML-09 South Garo Hills
ML-10 Ri-Bhoi

Code list PDF Download

Meghalaya RTO Helpline Number

Technical Problems Contact Number Email Address
Learner License, Driving Licence etc 91-120-2459169 [email protected]
mParivahan Related 91-120-2459171 [email protected]
eChallan Related 91-120-2459171 [email protected]

Vehicle Registration Check Online Meghalaya

RTO Office RTO Code
East Garo Hills ML07
East Khasi Hills ML05
Jaintia Hills ML04
Nongpoh ML10
Shillong ML01
Shillong ML02
Shillong ML56
Shillong ML03
South Garo Hills ML09
West Garo Hills ML13

Documents Required For Vehicle Registration

In Meghalaya, you can drive a car without first registering it at the Meghalaya RTO. So, here is everything you need to know about how to register your car with the Meghalaya RTO: Online.

What paperwork is needed to register a car at the Meghalaya RTO?

  • Form 20 for registering a vehicle and the PUC certificate
  • Form 22: Certificate that the road is safe.
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Photos the size of a passport
  • Fee for making an application
  • For registering a car that was brought in from another country, you must submit a customs clearance certificate.
  • Vehicle bill of sale
  • Proof of age and proof of address
  • Photos the size of a passport

Once the age and address proof documents have been checked, the RTO will check the vehicles and use the information to give the owner a registration number. You can use the auction method to get a fancy licence plate number.

How To Download Meghalaya RTO Code Pdf Online?

PDF of the list of all Meghalaya RTO codes Use the direct download link at the end of this article to get a free download. Meghalaya State All RTO Code List District Wise is short for Regional Transport Office. A government office or organisation in India is in charge of registering cars all over the country. In every state in India, there is a place where drivers’ licences and vehicle registration cards can be gotten. You can see or download the District Wise RTO Code List Meghalaya State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code in pdf format by clicking on the link below, or you can go to the other site for more information. PDF of the list of all Meghalaya RTO codes

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