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Nagaland RTO Code: Nagaland RTO List: RTO numbers are given by state, and each RTO office has its own number for registering a vehicle. Each state has its own number for registering cars. Register a car’s number by giving information like the location of the RTO, the car’s specifications, the owner’s name, etc. The Nagaland RTO list below has all of the RTO office codes and a list of all of the RTOs in Nagaland. The register number is an 8-digit code. The first two numbers give information about the state, the second two numbers give information about where the RTO is, and the last four numbers give the vehicle’s unique number. NL04-1234 is an example. NL is the state of Nagaland, 04 is the RTO office in Mon, and 1234 is the vehicle registration number.

Nagaland RTO Code

The Regional Transport Office is an important part of the administration of vehicles in the State or Union Territory (RTO). For the use of transport vehicles, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has given each State and Union Territory a unique RTO code number. For vehicle registration, the special code is used by the state or UT. is the official site for all online transportation services from the Indian government.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is the main governing body in the State or Union Territory that is in charge of making sure the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicle Transport Act are followed.

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Nagaland RTO Code

Nagaland RTO Details

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About Nagaland RTO

The Indian state of Nagaland is in the northeastern part of the country. It shares borders with Myanmar’s Sagging Region to the east, Manipur to the south, Assam to the west, and Arunachal Pradesh to the north. Nagaland’s capital is Kohima, and Dinajpur is the biggest city there. Nagaland became India’s 16th state in 1963. It is one of the smallest states in the union. The main economic sector in the state is agriculture, which brings in 70% of the state’s GDP. The requirements of the MV Act of 1988 led to the creation of the Nagaland Transport Department, also called the Nagaland RTO. This department works with the Nagaland government on an equal basis.

List of RTO Office in Nagaland

It is against the law to drive a car after you turn 18 if you don’t have a licence. In 1963, the Department of Motor Vehicle was the first to put the MV Act into place in Nagaland. RTO Nagaland is part of the group that is in charge of making sure the law is followed. For the riders’ safety, the RTO of Nagaland has put into place the MV Act of 1988 and a number of other vehicle laws. RTO Nagaland is also in charge of registering vehicles, collecting road taxes, giving out permits, and making sure that vehicles have fitness certificates. In Nagaland, the RTO’s main job is also to make sure that vehicles follow the rules.

RTO Code list PDF Download

Code Office
NL-01 Kohima
NL-02 Mokokchung
NL-03 Tuensang
NL-04 Mon
NL-05 Wokha
NL-06 Zunheboto
NL-07 Dimapur
NL-08 Phek

Nagaland RTO Helpline Number

Sl. No. Name Phone No
1 Shri. Iheto Achumi 0370-2290486
2 Shri. Lanuakum Ao 0369-226376
3 Smti. K. Clara ***
4 Shri. Roben Mesen 03869-221383

Registration Check Online Nagaland

RTO Office RTO Code
Dimapur NL07
Kohima NL01
Mon NL04
Mokokchung NL02
Phek NL08
Tuensang NL03
Wokha NL05
Zunheboto NL06

Documents Required For Vehicle Registration

In Nagaland, you can drive a car without first registering it at the Nagaland RTO. So, here is everything you need to know about how to register your car with the Nagaland RTO: Online?
What paperwork is needed to register a car at the Nagaland RTO?

Vehicle registration application Form 20 certificate of PUC

  1. Form 22: Certificate that the road is safe.
  2. Vehicle insurance certificate
  3. Photos the size of a passport
  4. Fee for making an application
  5. For registering a car that was brought in from another country, you must submit a customs clearance certificate.
  6. Vehicle bill of sale
  7. Proof of age and proof of address
  8. Photos the size of a passport

Once the age and address proof documents have been checked, the RTO will check the vehicles and use the information to give the owner a registration number. You can use the auction method to get a fancy licence plate number.

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How To Download Nagaland RTO Code pdf Online?

Nagaland All RTO Code List PDF Use the direct download link at the end of this article to get a free download. Nagaland State All RTO Code List District Wise is short for Nagaland State All RTO Code List. A government office or organisation in India is in charge of registering cars all over the country. In every state in India, there is a place where drivers’ licences and vehicle registration cards can be gotten. You can see or download the District Wise RTO Code List Nagaland State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code in pdf format by clicking on the link below, or you can go to the other site for more information. PDF of the list of all Nagaland RTO codes

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