Nrega Payment Status

Nrega Payment Status: Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the MNREGA payment lists. So, brothers who work under the NREGA Scheme and want to see their NREGA payment can go to the MGNREGA Payment List and check their payment. You will need a job card account number and the NREGA bank account’s linked Aadhaar number. If we want to check how NREGA pays, we can find out more about it below.

Nrega Payment Status

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is often called NREGA. In 2005, this NREGA act was passed and later changed to MGNREGA. The main goal of this plan is to give everyone in the countryside a job. NREGA’s main goal is to improve the lives of people in rural areas by giving them work for at least 100 days. The MGNREGA helps people in rural areas get the money they need to get by when they can’t work in agriculture, which is most of the year. People get jobs from the government, like cleaning up the sides of the roads, making sure there is good drainage, digging wells in rural areas, planting trees to make the world greener, etc. You can find out everything you need to know about the NREGA Payment Process on this page.


NREGA money has arrived in the account, check like this

  • You must first go to
  • Now you have to pick the name of your state from the list.
  • Choose the district for the NREGA payment list by district.
  • Choose the block for the NREGA list for the block.
  • From the list of MNREGA panchayats, choose the one you live in.
  • Click “Consolidate Worker Payment Report.”
  • You will see the NREGA payment list on the next page.
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