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Orissa RTO Code: Each state has its own unique RTO number, and each RTO office has its own unique RTO number for the vehicle’s registration. Cars are assigned a different number in each state. In order to register a vehicle, information such as the RTO, vehicle data, owner’s name, etc. must be submitted. All of the RTOs in the state of Odisha, together with their respective office codes and locations, can be found in the lists provided below. The eight-digit registration number is broken down as follows: the first two digits designate the state, the next two digits the RTO, and the final four digits the individual vehicle. Example: OD02-1234, where NL stands for the state of Odisha, 02 for the regional transport office (RTO) in Bhubaneswar, and 1234 for the vehicle identification number.

Orissa RTO Code

This means it’s easier than ever before to track down a vehicle’s registration state. Knowing the vehicle’s VIN allows us to locate the nearest Regional Transport Office. As a result, this will aid in tracking down the car’s rightful owner. New content is being added right now. Only by using a GPS gadget installed in the car is it feasible to track down a moving vehicle. This means that the service cannot provide you with a current location update.

To that end, know that we work hard to provide up-to-date, accurate information and that this site is regularly updated.

The current Odisha RTO code lists are provided below. It is the information found on a vehicle’s license plate that is represented by RTO codes. Use OD 05E 1234 as an illustration. The region you are in determines the specific registration number you’ll need for your car. Let’s check out everything on the list. This document is also available in portable document format (PDF). The Odia PDF is also accessible. You’ll be able to grab the thing more readily.

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Orissa RTO Code

Orissa RTO Details

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About Orissa RTO

The phrase “OD RTO Code” is shorthand for “Odisha Regional Transport Office Code,” which is the unique identification number used by the Regional Transport Offices in each of Odisha’s districts. To facilitate car registration, RTO Codes are broken down by region in the table below.

License plates in a given district are issued by the Regional Transport Office and feature an abbreviated state code. There’s also a four-digit number on there that’s specific to each vehicle.

State registration can be determined by the first two letters of the OD RTO code. In the following section, you will see the district’s sequential number. With the RTO code, the user can access a wealth of information about vehicles at their fingertips.

List of RTO Office in Orissa

RTO Locations RTO Code
Balasore OD-01
Bhubaneswar OD-02
Bolangir OD-03
Chandikhol OD-04
Cuttack OD-05
Dhenkanal OD-06
Ganjam OD-07
Kalahandi OD-08
Keonjhar OD-09
Koraput OD-10
Mayurbhanj OD-11
Phulabani Khandamal OD-12
Puri OD-13
Rourkela OD-14
Sambalpur OD-15
Sundergarh OD-16
Baragarh OD-17
Rayagada OD-18
Angul OD-19
Gajapati OD-20
Jagatsinghpur OD-21
Bhadrak OD-22
Jharsuguda OD-23
Nabarangpur OD-24
Nayagarh OD-25
Nuapada OD-26
Boudh OD-27
Debagarh OD-28
Kendrapara OD-29
Malkangiri OD-30
Sonepur OD-31
Bhanjanagar OD-32
Bhubaneswar OD-33
Jajpur OD-34
Talcher OD-35

Code list PDF Download

RTO Locations RTO Code
Balasore OD01
Bhubaneswar OD02
Bolangir OD03
Chandikhol OD04
Cuttack OD05
Dhenkanal OD06
Ganjam OD07
Kalahandi OD08
Keonjhar OD09
Koraput OD10
Mayurbhanj OD11
Phulabani Khandamal OD12
Puri OD13
Rourkela OD14
Sambalpur OD15
Sundergarh OD16
Baragarh OD17
Rayagada OD18
Angul OD19
Gajapati OD20
Jagatsinghpur OD21
Bhadrak OD22
Jharsuguda OD23
Nabarangpur OD24
Nayagarh OD25
Nuapada OD26
Boudh OD27
Debagarh OD28
Kendrapara OD29
Malkangiri OD30
Sonepur OD31
Bhanjanagar OD32
Bhubaneswar OD33
Jajpur OD34
Talcher OD35
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Helpline Number

Helpline Number. 18003451073 · Online Services. 0674-2598111. (6 AM to 10pm,All Days) · Stage Carriage Permit. 0671-2607042. (8 AM to 6pm,Expect Sunday) · Dealer ..

Vehicle Registration Check Online Orissa

Balasore OD 01 Rayagada OD 18
Bhubaneswar OD 02 Angul OD 19
Balangir OD 03 Gajapati OD 20
Chandikhole OD 04 Jagatsinghpur OD 21
Cuttack OD 05 Bhadrak OD 22
Dhenkanal OD 06 Jharsuguda OD 23
Ganjam OD 07 Nabarangpur OD 24
Kalahandi OD 08 Nayagarh OD 25
Keonjhar OD 09 Nuapada OD 26
Koraput OD 10 Boudh OD 27
Mayurbhanj OD 11 Debagarh OD 28
Phulbani OD 12 Kendrapara OD 29
Puri OD 13 Malkangiri OD 30
Rourkela OD 14 Sonepur OD 31
Sambalpur OD 15 Bhanjanagar OD 32
Sundergarh OD 16 Bhubaneswar-II OD 33
Baragarh OD 17 Jajpur OD 34

Documents Required For Vehicle Registration

You can drive a car in Orissa if you haven’t registered it with the state’s Road Transport Office (RTO). In that case, read on for details on how to register a car with the RTO in Orissa. Online?
Car registration in Orissa requires the following paperwork.
Form for Vehicle Registration Official PUC Certificate Form 20
Verification of Vehicle’s Safety for Operation on Public Roads (Form 22
Document Proving Insurance Coverage For A Vehicle
Sizes appropriate for passport use
Required Application Fees
A customs clearance certificate must be presented when registering an imported automobile.
Automobile Receipt
Credible identification and evidence of residence papers
Pictures suitable for a passport
Officials at the RTO will verify the vehicles after the owner’s identity and residency have been confirmed, and then they will issue the owner a registration number. Fancy licence plates can be obtained via auction.

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How To Download Orissa RTO Code Pdf Online?

Downloadable Document with the Entire List of RTO Codes in Orissa To obtain this for nothing, please use the download link that may be found at the end of this piece. Orissa State All RTO Code List District Wise is an abbreviation for Regional Transport Office. A government agency in India is responsible for processing vehicle registrations across the country. In each of India’s individual states, you can go to a specific office to apply for a driver’s licence or register your car. You may view or download a pdf version of the District Wise RTO Code List Orissa State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code by clicking the link below, or you can go to the alternative site for more details. The Complete List of RTO Codes in Orissa (PDF Format)

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