Pondicherry RTO Code, List Of RTO Offices, RTO Code List, PDF Download

Pondicherry RTO Code – Every RTO office in every state is given a different number, and each of those numbers is also used as the vehicle’s registration. Vehicle identification numbers are different in each state. Car registration requires information like the RTO, the vehicle’s make and model, the owner’s identity, and more. Below is a complete list of all Pondicherry RTOs and their respective office pin numbers.

The eight-digit registration number is broken down as follows: the first two digits designate the state, the next two digits the RTO, and the last four digits the individual vehicle. A sample registration number might be PY01-1234, where PY stands for the Indian state of Pondicherry, 01 for the Pondicherry Regional Transport Office, and 1234 for the car itself.

Pondicherry RTO Code

Puducherry, which is part of the union territory of India, shares a southern boundary with the state of Tamil Nadu. Puducherry RTO was founded and is governed by the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to provide a dependable transportation network within its jurisdiction. The department is headed by a “transport commissioner,” who is also responsible for making sure the public receives their services efficiently and that the MV Act is followed to the letter. The goal is to ensure that all vehicles in a given series are properly registered in that state.

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Puducherry’s regional transport office detects unregistered cars. Another part of the work entails identifying vehicles as they cross state lines in India. The RTO Office also records the licence plate numbers of any cars caught by speed cameras going beyond the speed limit.

Pondicherry RTO Code

Pondicherry RTO Detail

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About Pondicherry RTO

If you know the RTO code for your area, you’ll know that Pondicherry is the regional transportation office that handles that area. We’ve got the contact details you need, including the RTO code for Pondicherry and a physical address. The table below shows the RTO codes for Pondicherry broken down by each of the city’s districts. You can use these specifics to identify your vehicle’s identification number.

However, the state code comes after the sequential district number on the licence plate. The document also includes a four-digit number that is exclusive to each vehicle.

PY-01 was officially recorded at the Pondicherry RTO in Puducherry. If you’re curious about the proprietor, you may find out more by paying a visit to the provided address or by dialling the listed number.

It is now easy to obtain further details on any vehicle registration. Get the address and phone number associated with the Pondicherry RTO Code as well as the state in which the automobile was registered before entering the registration number.

List of RTO Office in Pondicherry

RTO Locations RTO Code
Pondicherry PY01
Karaikal PY02
Mahe PY03
Yanam PY05
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Pondicherry RTO Code list PDF Download

RTO Location RTO Code
Puducherry PY-01
Karaikal PY-02
Mahe PY-03
Yanam PY-04
Oulgaret PY-05

Pondicherry RTO Helpline Number

Sl.No. Name & Designation Contact Phone
K.BALASUBRAMANI, Motor Vehicle Inspector 0413-2640477

Vehicle Registration Check Online Pondicherry

RTO Office RTO Code
Pondicherry PY01
Pondicherry PY05
Pondicherry PY04
karaikal PY02
mahe PY03

Documents required for vehicle registration in Pondicherry RTO

Documents required for registration of motor vehicle at Pondicherry RTO

  • Vehicle registration application Form 20
  • PUC certificate
  • Road worthiness certificate Form 22
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Applicable application fee
  • For registration of an imported vehicle, custom clearance certificate is required to be submitter
  • Vehicle invoice
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Passport size photographs

Officials at the RTO will verify the vehicles after the owner’s identity and residency have been confirmed, and then they will issue the owner a registration number. Obtaining prestigious licence plates by auction is one option.

How to Download Pondicherry RTO Code pdf?

Downloadable Document with the Complete List of RTO Codes for Pondicherry To obtain this for nothing, please use the download link that may be found at the end of this piece. District-specific Regional Transport Office codes can be found in this complete list for the Indian state of Pondicherry. A government agency in India is responsible for processing vehicle registrations across the country. The documents required to operate a motor vehicle throughout India can be obtained from any of the state offices. Use the following link to view or download a pdf of the District Wise RTO Code List Pondicherry State with Office Address and Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code, or consult the related site for more details. Downloadable Document with All RTO Codes in Pondicherry

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