Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022, राजस्थान मे फ्री मोबाइल का वितरण शुरू

You are probably already aware of the government of Rajasthan’s decision that 1.33 crore Rajasthani women will be eligible for free cell service beginning in 2022. This post will teach you about the Mukhya Mantri Mobile Vitaran Yojana list 2022 Documents, the Chiranjeevi Yojana 2022 Benefits, the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022, and the Free Mobile Yojana 2022 Eligibility. The goal of the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022 is to educate and connect women in the region. The Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022 is also known as the Chiefminister Digital Seva Yojana.

Indian women are falling behind because they lack access to the Internet and mobile technology in the new and modern day, even though mobile phones can provide you access to a variety of social, educational, and other information. So remember that. A fresh Yojana has been introduced by the state of Rajasthan. The Chief Minister Digital Seva Yojana, also known as Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022, would teach students social skills in addition to educating and making them smart.

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 Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022

As was already known, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan introduced the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022 programme. Each woman in the state will receive one of the 1.35 crore mobile phones provided as part of the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022. This programme will give women access to education and work opportunities, however there are several requirements that must be met in order to benefit from the Free Mobile Yojana 2022. Chiranjeevi Yojana should include the name of the woman.

Women who are not registered with Chiranjeevi Yojana will not be able to take advantage of the Free Mobile Yojana 2022; however, if they register, they will receive their mobile devices in November, December, or the following year.

Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022 Overview 

Article title Rajasthan free mobile yojana 2022
Yojana name Mukhya Mantri Mobile Vitaran Yojana
Organized by Chief minister of Rajasthan Government 
Category  Government yojana
Application mode Online
State Rajasthan 
Country  India
Beneficiaries  All States women

Smartphone yojana online form Rajasthan 

The Rajasthan government then announced that 1.35 crore women who are Jan Aadhar holders will receive free mobile phones through the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022 in addition to the 1.33 crore men who will receive them. Who qualifies for the Mukhyamantri mobile vitran yojana  and who does not depends on the following factors. Notably, all women who are the head of home are eligible for smartphone yojana online form Rajasthan and can have a Free Mobile under the Rajasthan Public Welfare Scheme Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022. The Free Mobile Yojana 2022 rules and restrictions are listed below.

 Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana
Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana


  • The female head of the household must be from Rajasthan.
  • Jan Aadhar Card is required for female heads of households.
  • When their names are included in the Chiranjeevi Yojana, women candidates will receive benefits under the Free Mobile Yojana 2022.
  • women who possess BPL or APL cards.

How will you get the Free mobile ?

Officials are optimistic that the procedure will be resolved as soon as possible and that the government will receive the first batch of smartphones before the start of the holiday season. Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, presented the Mukhyamantri mobile vitran Yojana 2022 in this year’s budget.

In accordance with the plan, cellphones with internet connectivity would be provided for three years to the women who are the heads of the 1.35 crore families enrolled in the Chiranjeevi Yojana Health Insurance Scheme. The state-owned corporation Rajcomp is in charge of carrying out the project. According to officials, the initiative will cost roughly Rs. 12,000 crore, which includes the price of mobile phones, three years of internet connection, and other services.

Mukhyamantri mobile vitran yojana 2022

The Mukhyamantri  Mobile vitran Yojana 2022 has offered the head family of State Rajasthan various advantages. The Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022 will give free mobile phones to households headed by women. There will be no fee, meaning there will be no money required to participate in this programme. 

Women who have enrolled with Under Chiranjeevi are granted an additional cell phone with free data. The Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana 2022 programme will start the next year in November or December. A high-level committee will decide on the bidders this month after evaluation, according to a senior official.

Rajasthan free mobile yojana list

The government aims to finish this procedure as soon as possible so that the plan can be put into action before the Assembly elections the following year. The project will cost 12,000 crore in total. On Wednesday, technical bids for the government project were made public in Jaipur.

As you are aware, the rajasthan free mobile yojana list, a Free Mobile Yojana 2022, was created with the interests of Rajasthani women in mind. In this context, the government has also placed a number of restrictions. so that the Rajasthani government won’t be burdened in any way.

Only 30% of the money will be paid to mobile providers at the time of delivery, followed by payments of the remaining 35% after a year and a further 35% after two years. A customer support service has also been requested from the mobile company to be established at block level.

FAQs regarding rajasthan free mobile yojana

What kind of mode is available to apply for the Rajasthan Free mobile yojana 2022?

Ans. You can apply through online mode for Rajasthan free mobile yojana 2022.

Who will get the free mobile in rajasthan?

The women of Rajasthan will get a free mobile from the Rajasthan Government.

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