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Uttarakhand RTO Code –To obtain a registration certificate, you must first register your new vehicle with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in India. Operating a car or two-wheeler without a valid RC is against the law and is a crime. As a result, if you live in the city of Dehradun, you must register your car with the Dehradun RTO in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Speaking of UK-07 RTO, it performs a number of significant duties and jobs every day.

The main duties of the Dehradun RTO are to conduct LL and DL driving tests, give new DL and RC, transfer vehicle ownership, issue fitness certificates and special permissions, and collect road tax. Each city has its own RTO office, which is in charge of monitoring all the vehicles and drivers. As a result, if you want to locate an RTO office in your area, you can do so easily below.
Given that Dehradun is the capital of the northern state of Uttarakhand, it enjoys great access to both the interstate and the state’s major roads.

Uttarakhand RTO Code

State-by-state assignments of RTO numbers are made, and the vehicle register number is unique to each RTO office. There is a different car registration number for each state. After giving information about the RTO, the car’s specifications, the owner’s name, etc., you can register a vehicle’s number. Below is a list of all RTO offices and RTO codes for Uttarakhand, along with an RTO list. The register number is an eight-digit code; the first two digits identify the state, the following two digits the RTO, and the last four digits the specific vehicle. A good example would be UK14-1234, where UK stands for the state of Uttarakhand, 14 for the Rishikesh RTO, and 1234 for the vehicle’s licence plate

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Uttarakhand RTO Detail

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About Uttarakhand RTO

The Regional Transport Office in the state of Uttarakhand is in charge of driver licencing, registration, and road safety as well as vehicle regulation and maintenance. The Transport Commissioner of Uttarakhand is in charge of the Transport Department, which was founded in 1945 in compliance with Section 133 A of the Motor Vehicles’ Act of 1939. Before the department was separated from the state, it was under the control of the Transport Commissioner of Uttar Pradesh.

Interstate services are handled by the Uttarakhand Transport Corporation, which was founded in 2003. 35 nationalised routes are served by the corporation’s 1000 vehicles. Approximately 3000 buses are operated by private transportation firms. Given that Uttarakhand is a hilly area,

List of RTO Office In Uttarakhand

RTO Office RTO Code
Almora UK01
Bageshwar UK02
Chamoli UK11
Champawat UK03
Dehradun UK07
Haridwar UK08
Kotdwara UK15
Nainital UK04
Pauri UK12
Pithoragarh UK05
Rishikesh UK14
Roorkee UK17
Rudraprayag UK13
Tehri UK09
Udham Singh Nagar UK06
Uttarkashi UK10
Vikasnagar UK16


RTO Code list PDF Download

RTO Code RTO Name
UK-01 Almora
UK-02 Bageshwar
UK-03 Champawat
UK-04 Nainital
UK-05 Pithoragarh
UK-06 Udham Singh Nagar
UK-07 Dehra Dun
UK-08 Haridwar
UK-09 Tehri
UK-10 Uttarkashi
UK-11 Chamoli
UK-12 Pauri
UK-13 Rudraprayag
UK-14 Rishikesh
UK-15 Kotdwara
UK-16 Vikasnagar
UK-17 Roorkee
UK-18 Kashipur
UK-19 Ramnagar
UK-20 Ranikhet

Helpline Number

S.No. Regional/ Sub Regional Office Office Telephone Number
1 Dehradun 0135-2743432
2 Haridwar 01334-239767
3 Rishikesh 0135-2430623
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Vehicle Registration Check Online

UK01 Almora
UK02 Bageshwar
UK03 Champavat
UK04 Nainital
UK05 Pithoragarh
UK06 Udham Singh Nagar
UK07 Dehradun
UK08 Haridwar
UK09 Tehri
UK10 Uttarkashi
UK11 Chamoli
UK12 Pauri
UK13 Rudraprayag
UK14 Rishikesh
UK15 Kotdwar
UK16 Vikas Nagar
UK17 Roorkee
UK18 Kashipur
UK19 Ramnagar
UK20 Ranikhet
UK21 Tanakpur


Documents Required For Vehicle Registration

In Uttarakhand, a motor vehicle may be used without first being registered at the RTO. So, here is everything you need to know about the vehicle registration process in Uttarakhand. Online?

Documents needed to register a vehicle with the Uttarakhand RTO

Application for vehicle registration Form 20 PUC certificate

Form 22, Road Worthiness Certificate

vehicle insurance policy document

passport-sized pictures

Application fee that applies

The customs clearance certificate must be submitted in order for an imported car to be registered.

automobile invoice

Age and residency documentation

passport-sized pictures

After confirming the age and address proof documents, RTO authorities will inspect the vehicles and use that information to determine

How To Download Uttarakhand RTO Code Pdf Online?

Uttarakhand All RTO Code List PDF To download for free, use the direct download link offered at the end of this article. Regional Transport Office is the abbreviation for Uttarakhand State All RTO Code List District Wise. An Indian government body or institution is in charge of handling car registration all across the country. There is a place that issues driving licences and vehicle registration cards in each state in India. Using the direct link provided below, you can view or download District Wise RTO Code List Uttarakhand State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code in pdf format, or you can visit the other website for more details. Uttarakhand All RTO Code List PDF

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