Welcome Speech In English: Guest Introduction, How to Welcome Chief Guest

Welcome Speech: What is a welcome speech for a special guest? A welcome speech is delivered by the show’s host at the start of an event to express gratitude to the guest for making the effort to attend the event. A welcome speech must be written in such a way that everyone in attendance feels as if their presence has enhanced the event. Guests should believe that their presence at the event is critical. A welcome speech signals the start of an event.

Many people still don’t know how to give a welcome address to a special guest. It is the speaker’s responsibility to greet the audience and provide an overview of the entire event during a welcome speech.
The chief guest’s welcome address should begin by introducing the chief guest to the audience, his or her title, accomplishments, and contributions to society.
We have given examples of both a long and short welcome speech for the chief guest, as well as 10 lines on how to give a welcome address to a chief guest. Students can refer to these speeches and take notes on the key points that should be included in a welcome speech.

Best Welcome Speech Samples and Templates

appealing and captivating Almost all events begin with a Welcome Speech. As a result, it is critical for the host to ensure that the speech does not leave an unfavourable impression. The welcome speech should be upbeat. It must both impress and inform the listeners about the purpose of the event. The speech should be easy to understand and fit the rationale. The speakers must keep in mind that the Welcome Speech does not belong. It can only last two minutes. Long speeches, while possible, will only serve to bore the audience. If you lose people’s interest right away, it will be very difficult to bind them any further. As a result, strive to be straightforward and direct.


Templates for Formal Events

You must understand the format as we list a few formal introduction speeches. The main thing to keep in mind is the type of event and its level. A school function is also formal. An NGO event would be considered formal as well. Professional events that are required are also formal. Depending on the reason for the gathering, any event can be formal. As a result, it is advised to select the templates accordingly. There are a few options for delivering a nice welcome speech at an event listed below. Consider the mood of the event when selecting a template. Follow the instructions and personalise the speech at the end.

Welcome Speech for School/ College Annual Function

Hello and good morning! Today is the most important day of the year at my school. Yes, it is ANNUAL DAY, and it is time to reflect on all that we have accomplished this year. A year is coming to an end, and a new one is about to begin. Our school, a hub of all activities and a place where we learn a wide range of subjects, from the more serious ones like science and math to the ones we learn by doing, like art and sports.
2017 has been a roller coaster ride, just like the previous years. A time full of opportunities, a time full of learning, and a time well spent; learning while having fun with friends. Being competitive at times and a helping hand at others, it has truly been a fantastic period, months that have passed and will never return.
The best part is that we have won so many awards, trophies, and prizes for ourselves and our school as a group. We’ve proven to everyone that we can win together! It is time to rejoice and enjoy our accomplishments as a group. Here we are to show our parents that when the best hands mould us and there are God’s messengers all around in here, to nurture our talent and give us a conducive environment where we can grow, not just physically, but mentally and socially as well. We put on this show for all our proud parents on this very special day, our Annual Day, 2017, with the help of the best brains and hardest working creatures, our dear teachers. It is a programme in which our parents can watch drama, dance, poetry, singing, and a talk show. Junior School students performed a musical adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s most beloved book, The Jungle Book.
On this Annual Day, we have added an entirely new section. We’ve included a set of games that the kids and parents will play together. It is a promise that it will be a fun event that we will all enjoy; children and parents on one side, teachers and school staff on the other. Simple games such as tug of war, three-legged races, and relay races are organised in the school greens shortly after the auditorium show concludes. What a great way to cap off our Annual Day. I am confident that we will all participate wholeheartedly, and that our parents will be a huge support and will not disappoint us. We needed special permission from our esteemed Principal Madam. She is a wonderful person; she loved the theme and agreed right away. I thank her and ask that she join us in our small effort to bring the entire School family together and make our Annual Day 2017 a huge success.
It is now time to begin the programme, the antennary for which has been provided in advance to our distinguished guests. After the programme in the auditorium, refreshments will be served in the school cafeteria.
So, parents, come on over and have some fun with us. These moments of joy, frolic, and laughter with the children and their teachers will not be repeated, at least not this year!
Thank you very much!

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Welcome Speech for Freshers

Good morning to everyone in attendance!

We’ve all gathered here today to celebrate a Fresher’s Party. People-welcoming has long been a part of Indian culture. We continue this tradition by hosting a fresher’s party to welcome new students to the college.

I’d like to thank all of my teachers and everyone who has given me the opportunity to welcome all of my new students today. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all here.
My dear friends, studying at our institution is pure joy; the professors, students, and other staff members are the epitome of compassion, and we are confident you will be astounded by their wit.

Overall, I’d like to assure you that your decision to join this institution was a sound one. Our college extends a warm welcome to all new students. I hope that all of you will uphold the college’s values and enhance its reputation in all aspects of your lives.

Now I’ll put my words down and begin the day’s programmes, which include some incredible performances by our college students.
I guarantee that the next few hours will be enjoyable and memorable. Thank you for bearing with me and listening to my ideas.
Have a wonderful day!

Speech to welcome the participants at a Seminar

Good morning to everyone who is here today!

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome the guests who have come to attend this workshop.”

On behalf of the Institution, I greet all of the judges and guests who have joined us. Mr. ABC, the day’s main guest, please accept my greetings. Thank you so much for accepting our invitation and coming to the seminar, Sir.

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The seminar’s agenda will be centred on the subject of (your topic). It will include additional issues to cover all aspects of the topic.

I hope this conference enlightens us all and provides us with solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas and perspectives to make this conference possible.”

Welcome Speech for Office Events

Good morning to everyone!

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight. Our prestigious institution is celebrating its second anniversary today. I am honoured to be the evening’s host and to address you all.

Before we carry on with the events, I would give my regards and appreciation to all the people who made this occasion a reality and this institution successful. This would not have been possible without your unwavering support. We are all members of this Institution because we share a passion for the Institution’s vision. Our shared passion brings us together, and our hard work strengthens the institution.

On that note, let me introduce and welcome the chief guest of this startlingly beautiful evening Mr ABC, who is a renowned Social activist and has made the country round with his work.
Without further ado, I’d like to begin with the events. We would love to hear your ideas and questions at the end of the event. Have fun at the event!”
Thank you kindly!

Informal Welcome Speeches

An informal Welcome Speech gives the speaker the opportunity to share personal experiences. This freedom, however, is not available to formal ones. The words themselves can be very simple and straightforward, depending on the audience. The speaker’s relationship with the person or audience to whom he or she is speaking is also important. In this case, the welcome speech can be funny, full of adorable words, or very emotional. However, it is suggested that the speaker avoid referring to very personal moments during the speech. Linguistics, abbreviations, layman language, multiple languages, and other elements can be used in informal speeches. They can be more improvisational. This is a significant distinction between formal and informal speeches.

However, the job can be difficult for some people. For one simple reason, informal addresses necessitate an emotional connection with the audience. This can be difficult. Your job becomes easier if you choose to connect through expressions. However, in the case of words, we can assist you in making your job easier. Fill in the blanks with the information from the speech template below. You can use the same sample or change it to suit your needs. The following template can also be used to generate ideas. Informal occasions include family gatherings, friend get-togethers, holiday parties, and much more.

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Speech to greet the audience at an Informal Event

Hello everyone. Hello to everyone. I hope you are all comfortable and having a good time. First and foremost, I am grateful and overwhelmed that we are all here together under the same roof. It is not every day that we all have the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. I’m overjoyed, and the presence of all of you has made this day even more special. But what brings us here? Well (describe the event). Isn’t it wonderful to see each other for this special occasion?
A special greeting to the hour’s man/woman/couple/special guest. Dearest _____________ (name of the day’s special guest), we are delighted (name the achievement of the guest or in case there is no special reason, write: to have you here). It gives me great pleasure to say that you (both/all) have always given us reasons to love you. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met you. Thank you for being who you are. You keep us all together and make sure everyone smiles. Thank you very much!
This morning/afternoon/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening/evening We will remember each other and make a lot of memories to look back on when we are old. Success is an important aspect of life, and we all strive for it on a daily basis. There are many things to value, and we sometimes lose sight of this. We emphasise and celebrate the materialistic aspects of life. But true happiness is found in our closest companions. Just spending time with people you care about can make everything better. We will undoubtedly bond and grow as a clan. I have missed seeing you all and am confident that you have missed me as well.
I know this is becoming overly emotional, and none of you expected it, but that’s just how I am: full of surprises. Anyway, moving on to the day’s events, there is a lot planned. Let’s not waste any more time and get started. Yay!

Some Important Points

  • It is critical to begin with a smile!
  • To appear stress-free, maintain a positive and confident attitude.
  • Relax as you deliver your speech. If you become hyper and tense, you will inevitably stumble.
  • Before taking the stage, practise speaking in front of a mirror.
  • Make certain that your speech is understood by the audience. Choose nothing that is inappropriate for the audience.
  • Consider your position, designation, and relationship with the audience, and use appropriate words.
  • If you are directly reading the speech, make sure to read ahead of the words you are speaking. This allows you to process difficult sentences, phrases, or words and understand the flow of your speech.
  • Make certain that you are never too fast or too slow. You don’t want to be misunderstood or bore the audience.
  • Avoid using fancy accents that may be difficult for the audience to understand.
  • Keep it natural, it’s the best way!
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